Your wedding, your memories, your emotion. I am the photographer who will capture it and keep it forever.

I use my long time experience from portrait photography and reportage. I will capture your wedding day from beginning to the end, if you wish so. I will draw your story to help you save your memories so it can become a part of your family treasure. And can guarantee you will love looking at them again and again. We will plan your wedding day together so I could catch everything important and simultaneously not bother you during your busy day. I can offer you pre-wedding photo session to help us get to know each other better sothere won´t be any surprises when your big Day comes. As a part of the wedding package I will prepare your personal perfect photobook or hanging canvas which will remind you of your unique day.

I become photographer to give people beauty and joy. If you are looking for the very same thing I am here for you.

Wedding is the unique moment

The wedding is the unique moment for most of us and will never happen again. That is why I think it is so important to capture this day. I know you will have hundreds of photos from your friends from their cell phones and cameras. But the quality of the pictures will be lower based on “cameras” and experience of its owners. I have a better idea – entrust the task to a professional photographer who is skilled enough to catch everything important. I will provide set of photos which can be the base of history of your new family.

Your photographer is there for you

The main task of wedding photographer is to cover you story. Experienced wedding photographer saw a lot of weddings and can help you with an advice if needed. He can help to remind you what you should not forget, he can think of important details and help you with your wedding schedule. Wedding photographer is a person who spends more time than most of wedding guests with bride and groom. It is important to click and trust each other. Therefore it is very good to arrange pre-wedding meeting. We can go through all details of your wedding day.

Pre-wedding photo session

The most proper way how to get to know each other is a casual photo-session few weeks before wedding. It gives you a chance to get to know me and my work and make sure everything will work out fine. We can make some trial pictures in the studio or we can take a walk and take pictures outside.

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